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Welcome to 2022! This new year is often called “the year of no expectations.” Yes, with the new Omicron variant, there seems to be no end to the pandemic or related restrictions. However, we still should be hopeful! Although many new things have been introduced into our lives, one tradition remains unchanged: New Year’s Resolutions! Whether it’s improving on your diet, exercising more, or setting aside more “me” time, we encourage you to stick to these resolutions so they could hopefully become a habit! With all that said, here’s 7 tips to help you stick to your habits!

1. Be realistic

Making a realistic resolution is one way to ensure you will keep it. Start small, and gradually build your way up! It’s okay to set a big goal at first, but divide it into small, attainable steps to make everything seem more plausible. Hoping to cut down all sugar when your diet consists of skittles and snickers bars is just setting yourself for failure! Always think about what you’re willing to do and what you’re capable of doing!

2. Make a plan

It might be a bit too late, but try to always think about your goals before New Year’s Eve! If you want to eat healthier but your house is filled with junk food on New Year’s, you’re not gonna be able to resist the temptations! Always make a plan so you Gould get needed supplies or support that you could use to eliminate any friction towards accomplishing your goals!

3. Make one change at a time

It’s difficult enough already to keep one resolution, so don’t vow to change everything about yourself! Focus on one thing at a time and stick to it. Once that becomes a habit, move on to your next goal! Remember, slow and steady wins the race!

4. Make small changes

It’s really hard to quit bad habits immediately! Focus on small changes that lead eventually to a big goal. Make this change a gradual transition! For example, if you want to lose some weight, first start by using the stairs instead of the elevator. Then switch to water instead of soda. These small changes will add up over time and become something big! A good book about making these small changes is “Atomic Habits” by James Clear!

5. Write out your goals

Write out your goals so you won’t forget about them! Although it may require an extra(small) step, it’ll make a greater impact and help you keep your eyes on the prize when you’re feeling demotivated! Even better, you could tell someone about your goals so they could keep you accountable! Having a buddy will always make things easier!

6. Reward yourself

Setting up little rewards along the way will help you stay motivated! For example, treat yourself to a movie when you reach your milestone of losing 5 pounds! But keep the reward reasonable. Don’t chow down on an entire box of chocolate after your first run!

7. Don’t give up

I know, this one is really obvious. However, changes often involve setbacks. Maybe you weren’t able to go out for a jog this morning, or you forgot to journal before you went to bed. If you mess up and stray from your plan, try to think of all the reasons you started in the first place! Get back on track, you can do this! In your plan, try to think of how you could avoid temptation of the future! Yes, the process will be difficult, but don’t give up! Trust me, you’ll thank yourself in the end!

Happy New Year’s! I hope you could follow these steps to make this year better than the one before 🙂

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