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Numerous studies have demonstrated that consistent engagement in Mindfulness Meditation over days and weeks can lead to significant enhancements in individuals' moods. As it enhance self awareness, and help you to live in the moments. Since Mindfulness Meditation requires little time commitment, it is highly convenient to fit into your daily schedule.

Here is a couple step to practice Mindfulness Meditation:

Step 1
Find a comfortable setting, sit or lay back, and palms up.

Step 2
Take a few deep breath, in and out, focus all your attention on your breath.

Step 3
Try to find the part of your body which doesn't feels right, it may feels more stressful and tense than the other parts of the body. Take a few deep breath and let the air run into that part of your body.

Step 4
After you relaxed that tense part of your body, keep breath mindfully. Notice the feelings of your body and thoughts that is running through your mind. Let them be what they are, don't judge them. You are a special and beautiful person, let yourself to be yourself.

Mindfulness Meditation only take less than 10 min, practice it every morning after you wake up and every evening before you go to sleep continuely for a few weeks will help you to improve your mood profoundly. Besides, meditating in a natural setting can also rise the effectiveness of mindfulness meditate.


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